4 Ways to Update the U-Shaped Kitchen

Handy Tips to Consider

A Kitchen upgrade is always an exciting project as it allows you to personalise your space. But if you are not installing a brand-new kitchen, it may be tricky to know what to focus on first.

A kitchen makeover Won't Limit your options.
Learn how to get the most out of your upgrade -
consider these 4 tips.

1. Extra Cabinets

Consider the storage needs of your U-Shaped Kitchen.  Do you have a growing family that will need extra kitchen cupboards?  Do you want more cabinet accessories to make cooking more functional? Do you want to convert some cabinets into drawers? If your kitchen makeover includes replacing your doors, we can easily add more kitchen cupboards or modify your existing cabinetry.  These factors can all be discussed during your free consultation. Our sales consultants are also certified kitchen designers with over 40 years experience between them.  

If kitchen cabinets will be a feature in your kitchen, think about what door type you might like.  We have 3 main door choices, from least to most expensive they are; melamine, ultraglaze (acrylic) and polyurethane.  If you need help with a colour scheme, our free kitchen mood board guide will help simplify your life and make sense of what look you’d like to achieve.  We recommend you visit our showroom to pick up door and stone samples which are handy to create a tactile mood board.

2. New Benchtops

Stone benchtops are the most sought-after material for kitchens as they look fantastic and are also hygienic and durable.  They come in a wide variety of colours and styles, giving you plenty of opportunity to find the best fit.  Check out our standard stone range and marble look range to get a feel for the different styles you can create.

Think about your needs when looking for a new benchtop. Do you want a clean, hard-wearing surface that allows for easy prep when cooking?  Will your kids be using it and spilling items that will need an easy clean-up? These days you can find gorgeous benchtops that also meet your functional needs.  Our unique stone is custom made to reduce unsightly joins often seen in a U-Shaped Kitchen. The stone is also heat, scratch and stain resistant which is for the kitchen.

3. Splashbacks?

Do you want to keep your splashback tiles? Are you after a more seamless look? It’s common to upgrade the splashback when doing a kitchen makeover but sometimes the existing splashback is still in good nick.  Keep in mind that if you remove the old benchtop, you’ll most likely damage your splashback and be forced to replace it.  There is no need for demolition with our resurfacing solution however.  Our stone goes straight over the top of your existing benchtop which won’t damage your splashback, so you have the option to keep the current splashback tiles.  Alternatively, our stone can also go straight over the existing splashback tiles to create a flawless finish.

4. Extend the Breakfast Bar

If your Breakfast bar doesn’t have a seating area, you can add this area to your upgrade list. Resurfacing the benchtop means you can also extend the Breakfast bar at the same time.  Adding built-in seating in the kitchen is not only more functional, it creates a warm and welcoming environment.  Your friends or family can comfortably hang out in the kitchen while you cook. 


There are many ways to update your U-shaped kitchen.  At first the task may feel daunting, but if you start with these core areas, you will be well on your way to the kitchen of your dreams.

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