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Sylvania Kitchen Renovation

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Sydney Home Makeover

In the heart of Sylvania in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, one of our savvy clients embarked on a remarkable journey that turned their humble abode into a real estate gem. In 2013, they purchased their house, recognising its resale value potential. Fast forward 8 years, and they were ready to part ways with their beautifully transformed home, which managed to secure an impressive profit.

The key to this transformation? A meticulously planned kitchen makeover that added significant value to their property without breaking the bank. This home renovation wasn’t just about aesthetics, it was about enhancing its style, and resale potential.

In the exciting world of Sydney Real Estate, the sale of this home made an impressive 101% profit on the original property investment, within an 8 years!

Straightening the Curve

One of the first modifications involved straightening the outdated curved edge of the island benchtop. At the same time, the width of the kitchen island was extended to allow for more bench space. This seemingly small change made a big impact on the kitchen’s overall look, function and feel.

Modern Kitchen Waterfall

To further enhance the kitchen island’s design, two benchtop waterfalls were added to either end. These sleek, cascading edges serve as a stunning visual focal point, modernising the kitchen to achieve a fresh and contemporary style.

Streamlined Kitchen

Out with the old and in with the new! The canopy rangehood was replaced with an under-cabinet rangehood. The result? A more streamlined and cohesive kitchen design. In addition to the stunning design changes, this kitchen makeover also addressed functionality. One notable improvement was the extension of the upper kitchen cabinets to fully utilise the ceiling height. This clever adjustment made the space appear bigger as well as providing ample storage. It’s a prime example of how thoughtful renovations can strike a harmonious balance between style and practicality, making everyday life just a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

Concealing Clutter

Kitchen cabinet doors were added to the tall pantry and microwave cupboard. These replaced the old louvre pantry door and concealed the open cabinet that once held the microwave and wine rack. The new stainless steel microwave was moved to the adjacent wall, now facing the stainless steel fridge. This smart move cleared the clutter and gave the whole area a more balanced appearance.

A Fresh Palette

Perhaps the most transformative change was the replacement of the lilac doors, and resurfacing of the lilac splashback tiles, and black benchtops. They were all swapped for a crisp and refreshing combination of Polar White kitchen doors. and Super White stone benchtops and splashbacks. The lower level cabinets were also converted to drawers, creating a much more user-friendly design suitable for today’s kitchens. Scandi style timber and concrete pendant lights were strategically hung over the island, infusing the kitchen with even more light and adding a contemporary flair. The result was a light and airy space that felt instantly modern and inviting.

Check out the complete home transformation with some stunning before-and-after photos that showcase how this renovation project doubled the initial investment, and turned the sale of this home into a true success story.

This Sylvania homeowner’s journey is a testament to the incredible transformation that a well-thought-out renovation can bring. It’s proof that with vision, determination, and the right design choices, a home can become not only a comfortable haven but also a wise investment.

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Ravine kitchen doors predominantly feature timber look designs with a remarkably realistic wood-grain finish. Timber exudes a natural warmth that brings a sense of comfort and tranquility to the kitchen. 

This classic and sophisticated look adds a touch of refinement to the kitchen.

Polyurethane doors deliver clean lines with the added option of a door profile for more classic styles, such as shaker or v-groove panels. These doors can be painted in any Dulux colour. There are over 4800 colours to choose from, so homeowners have plenty of options to select their ideal soft, neutral tones in line with current kitchen colour trends. 

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