Don't Forget Your Pet!

No More Ants or Sticky Floors

FREE With Every Kitchen Installation

We love pets! When we renovated our own kitchen we designed a built-in pet feeding station for our dog, Blackberry and, since then they have become a popular feature in many of our makeovers. Not only does it look tidier and is conveniently located for feeding time, it also keeps away ants and reduces mess on the floor.



Perfect for cats or dogs, they can be built into any kitchen using high quality  stainless steel bowls. They can be built to any height and take up only a small amount of space so your four legged friend can eat in style. Because we love pets we offer built in feeding stations as a free option for every kitchen renovation.


We are a family business and have been renovating homes throughout Sydney for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our award winning customer service and quality workmanship and our goal is to help you create your dream home.
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For our pet loving friends we provide a handmade pet tag from Etsy store Ekces.

This store is belongs to our daughter and pet lover, Celeste.


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