Kitchen Door Replacement Trends

Most homeowners will agree that increasing property prices and more time spent at home has sparked the “renovation flame”. When it comes to sprucing up their living spaces, the kitchen wins almost every time as the room to start with first.

It’s generally assumed the kitchen cabinets will need replacing. But how do you know if your cabinets should be replaced or refaced i.e. replacing the doors only?

This month, Granite Transformations is featuring today’s most popular door replacement trends, along with a showcase of some of our most beautiful kitchen makeover projects.

Plus, we will provide you with helpful tips to decide if it’s best to replace your kitchen cabinets or your kitchen doors only. 

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what is cabinet refacing?

It simply means replacing old kitchen doors for new, whilst keeping the original internal cabinets.


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Making a statement

The door trend is all about making a statement. Now is the time to break out of traditional styling norms and display your flair for the dramatic. Here are some of the exciting cabinet trends you’ll be seeing this year—and most likely in the years that follow:


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what's hot right now?


“Light and bright” sets the tone for today’s kitchen décor. And what could be lighter and brighter than pops of colour? Grey, blue, and even green kitchen cabinets are trending as some of the top picks for kitchen doors. You can’t go wrong with these colours, as long as they have undertones of grey.

And we can’t forget about white. As timeless as it is trendy, white is always a good option to choose when you’re looking to brighten up a small space. White is also an effective colour choice for a secondary cabinet, a beautiful benchtop, or a dramatic splashback. Here’s what’s hot in the world of cabinet colour:

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Two-toned cabinet colours—White or light colours on upper cabinets, with greys, blues or wood tones on bottom cabinets. Keeping the lighter colour on the upper cabinets helps to keep the ceiling looking higher than it actually is without closing in the room.


  • Grey-based greens such as sage and eucalyptus.
  • Grey-based blues – think of stormy sky and sea colours.
  • Wood-like doors with, you guessed it, grey tones.

Grey remains a popular colour choice for kitchen cabinets and is predicted to keep its staying power for quite some time. It’s a classic alternative to white, and it blends beautifully with some of today’s most popular design colours. Did you know “Ultimate Grey” was one of the two colours chosen as the Pantone Colours of the Year in 2021 and remains a favourite? We’ve created some inspiring grey-based mood boards, which you can read all about here.

mixed kitchen door styles

Mixing door styles is a great way to make a statement. (An added benefit is that your kitchen will look larger.) Just as we discussed earlier about mixing door colours, mixing-and-matching door profile styles can also create a unique look that will have you wishing you’d thought of it sooner. A contemporary flat door or shaker door combined with v-groove panels for example will achieve a “designer kitchen” look.


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when to replace the kitchen doors only

There are several factors to consider when replacing your internal cabinets or “refacing” them with new kitchen doors. Here’s what you need to know to make this decision.

Age matters:  If you’re starting out with cabinets that are in good condition (generally less than 20 years old), then replacing the old doors for new whilst keeping the internal cabinets is a good option.  Older internal cabinets are better off being replaced altogether as replacing just the doors could end up costing you more in the long run.


Keeping the layout: If you’re also keeping the layout of your kitchen, then replacing old doors for new doors is a great, cost-effective option.


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when to consider a new kitchen

Time for a new kitchen layout: Some homeowners find that they need more benchtop and storage space and want their kitchens to have more flexible functionality. If you’re considering a new kitchen layout, and also looking for more functionality, then you’ll have to replace your cabinets.

Cabinets in disrepair: Water damage, mould or years of wear and tear can take its toll on your cabinets, making them structurally unsound and in poor condition. You may want to make an appointment with a design consultant to determine if you need to replace them or not. Our kitchen design consultants are industry certified with decades of experiences to provide the best advice specific to your individual needs. 

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refreshing other spaces

Replacing doors isn’t just for kitchens. Today’s homeowners are in fact expanding their design creativity into other spaces that include bathrooms, laundries, home offices and even alfresco kitchens. Replacing doors and resurfacing benchtops from Granite Transformations is an easy and stress-free way to refresh a room without the mess and hassle of a total renovation. If you want to know more about benchtop resurfacing, you can read all about it here. 

how we do it

At Granite Transformations, our kitchen design experts will work with you to create the kitchen or space of your dreams. We start by evaluating the condition of your existing cabinets and help you design your new cabinet door fronts. Then, we give your kitchen a refreshing facelift by installing new doors, external panels and drawer fronts.  If replacing your cabinets, we will build you a brand new kitchen from scratch.


Wondering which styles and colours will look best in your home? Check out the photos from our gallery, facebook and instagram for inspiration. Imagine having a completely new look for your bathroom and kitchen cabinets in just a few days.


Some of the benefits that come with replacing kitchen doors from Granite Transformations:

No demolition

More affordable and faster than total cabinet replacement

Heat, scratch, stain and impact-resistant

Easy to clean and maintain

Availability in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes

Many door profile options

Gloss, matt, satin, smooth, fingerprint-resistant and wood-grain finishes

Professional, trained installers

All-in-one pricing from the start with no hidden fees


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