The 6 Most Common Kitchen Design Mistakes



Renovating a kitchen is an exciting project to undertake, but with so many factors to consider, it can be easy to make mistakes.  If you’re about to start a Kitchen Renovation, whether it’s a Benchtop Resurface, a Kitchen Makeover – which involves resurfacing the benchtop and replacing the doors – or installing a New Kitchen from scratch, it’s important to get the right advice.  Read on to discover the important kitchen design questions you should ask yourself to avoid making some big mistakes.

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1. Selecting Inferior Hardware

Budget constraints often mean quality hardware and accessories are excluded from a kitchen renovation so beware of receiving poor advice or attempting DIY projects.  The kitchen is a high use area and if the hardware is not up to the task, you’ll find yourself regretting this decision in the long-run.  We recall a Cronulla kitchen renovation we completed for new homeowners.  Unfortunately, the previous owners had attempted a shoddy kitchen renovation prior to selling.  They had used poor quality hinges which meant the doors started falling off within months of use.  Quality hardware and accessories such as soft-close doors and drawers, pull-out corner units, pantries and drawer dividers will not only make the kitchen far more enjoyable to use but will also stand the test of time.

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2. Choosing the Wrong Benchtop Material

Arm yourself with the knowledge of how much care certain benchtop materials need.  Most granite and marbles require regular sealing to avoid staining.  Laminate is not heat resistant and scratches easily.  Timber benchtops are also vulnerable to scratching and staining and require sealing and regular oiling.  Stone has fast become the benchtop of choice for many homes and for good reason.  Our superior Stone Resurfacing solution is Heat, Scratch and Stain resistant and does not require any sealants at all.  How is this possible?  Our stone has undergone diamond polishing during manufacture which seals the surface permanently and eliminates the need for ongoing surface sealants.  You really couldn’t ask for a hardier surface in the kitchen.

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3. Not Considering Function First

When planning a kitchen upgrade, think about how you intend to use your kitchen. Do you need more bench space?  Do you want your appliances hidden or on display?  Would converting the cabinets to drawers improve the function of your kitchen?  Lifestyle factors should also be taken into account.  Do you entertain often?  Is it a space where the children will be doing their homework?  At the initial consultation, let your design consultant know what you like and dislike about your kitchen.  We offer this as a free service and the more information you can give, the better.  As the hub of the home, each family has different requirements for the kitchen, and it’s important the whole family can enjoy the space for its intended use.

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4. Choosing a Clashing Style

It’s important to consider the style, colours, textures and finishes in your home when selecting your kitchen style.  It’s a good idea to visit the showroom with photos or a mood board of the other elements within your home.  Furniture, flooring, wall colour and joinery will help you decide which kitchen benchtop and/or cabinet doors will create a cohesive look.  If you’re feeling creative, we’ve put together a practical guide to help you make your own Kitchen Mood Board in 3 easy steps.   

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5. Selecting Cold and Inadequate Lighting

The kitchen is the heart of the home and choosing the right lighting is an important aspect to ensure the space feels warm and welcoming.  Steer clear of cold tones which will make the kitchen seem sterile and uninviting.  A warm white light is best with a mix of ambient, dimmable lighting to set the mood, and practical task lights above prep areas.

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6. No Space for Garbage

Kitchen waste and recycling are an ongoing by-product of daily kitchen use so proper planning, sorting and managing will make a big difference for ease of use.  Pull-out twin bins are a smart storage system that allow you to slide out a concealed waste and recycling bin with one hand.  Very handy during prepping, cooking and cleaning!  They’re an innovative and practical solution that help you deal with your household waste efficiently. 

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