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Granite Transformations Sydney South is excited to unveil Zero* Crystalline Silica, our latest advancement in engineered stone technology. As an industry leader with over 26 years of excellence in kitchen renovations, we are setting new standards in both safety and design with this innovative solution to the Australian Federal Government’s upcoming ban on engineered stone containing crystalline silica. 

Zero* Crystalline Silica: Meeting and Exceeding Standards

Zero* Crystalline Silica is at the forefront of engineered stone technology, offering unparalleled safety and aesthetic appeal without the risks associated with products containing large amounts of silica. Our new product has successfully met all relevant standards and regulations, ensuring it is a superior choice for our customers once the ban on engineered stone takes effect on 1 July 2024. 

 Zero* Crystalline Silica will be available in all of our favourite colours, in both our both stone and marble ranges.


We are committed to a seamless and safe transition from our original products to Zero* Crystalline Silica. Starting from 1 May 2024, all quotes for stone or marble surfaces will exclusively feature this innovative material.

Innovation at the Heart of Our Operations

Granite Transformations has always been synonymous with innovation and quality. The introduction of Zero* Crystalline Silica is a testament to our proactive approach in adapting to regulatory changes and our ongoing dedication to excellence. This new product represents a significant leap forward in our mission to provide the safest and most stylish surfaces in the industry.

Addressing Your Concerns
  1.  Safety of Installed Surfaces: Once installed, our surfaces pose no risk to homeowners. Potential health risks are linked to the manufacturing and fabrication processes, which are comprehensively addressed in our operational protocols.
  2. Repairs After July 1, 2024: We assure our customers that repairs and maintenance will still be possible for all installed surfaces under our 10-year warranty. This includes full support for legacy products, with specific provisions for repair, removal, minor modifications and disposal post-ban.
  3. Continuous Availability and Enhanced Options: We will maintain the availability of our existing product range until the ban takes effect, ensuring a smooth transition to Zero* Crystalline Silica. This new range will be available in both stone and marble finishes, providing a wide range of aesthetic options while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.
  4. What does the * mean?: * Contains less than 1% crystalline silica, aligning with the Minister’s exception for engineered stone products with trace levels of crystalline silica (under 1%)

The definition of engineered stone that is subject to the ban encompasses any composite stone product that contains at least 1% crystalline silica by weight. These products are typically manufactured by combining natural stone materials with various chemical constituents such as water, resins, or pigments, which then undergo a hardening process to form the final solid material. 

Conversely, engineered stone products that contain less than 1% crystalline silica are deemed legally safe and are not included in the ban. This distinction is crucial for manufacturers and consumers alike, ensuring that the materials used in residential and commercial projects meet safety standards while still providing the aesthetic and functional qualities desired. Granite Transformations’ new Zero* Crystalline Silica range is designed to fully comply with these regulations, offering a safe and legal alternative that does not compromise on quality or durability.

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Our Historical Commitment to Community and Safety

Although we support the Government’s objective of enhanced workplace safety, our view is that the ban was not necessary. Our preference would have been to ensure stringent enforcement of existing safety standards, especially given our impeccable 26 year safety record. However, recognising the legislative changes will take effect in July, we have embraced this opportunity to innovate and lead the market with Zero* Crystalline Silica. This product not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements and offers exceptional durability, beauty, and versatility.

Join us as we continue to innovate and redefine the standards of the home renovation industry with our silica free engineered stone. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to launch this revolutionary product, ensuring a safer and stylish future for engineered stone surfaces.


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