Need help choosing the right cupboard doors for you home? Whether for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or home office, we guide you every step of the way in selecting doors and panels for your style and budget. Our doors are all custom made for your home.


Installing new kitchen doors is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to renovate a kitchen and improve the value of your home. It can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of time and effort compared to replacing the entire cabinetry.


First step is to choose the design of your door – do you want classic minimalist doors, or do you prefer an embedded design for more depth? Explore our door profiles below.


Next step is deciding the colour and finish. Select from matt, timber or sheen finishes for contrast and depth. If you have an eye for colour, we can create any colour door you choose using the dulux colour wheel. Or perhaps you prefer classic white with on trend handles for a timeless look.

Choose from four of the most popular and durable door materials on the market – Melamine, Ultraglaze, Polyurethane Standard and Polyurethane Shaker. Explore our doors below, or visit our Taren Point Showroom and speak to our expert design team.


MELAMINE is a popular standard door finish due to its practicality and appearance. Available in a diverse range of colours and tones on a budget.

Available in flat or sheen.

ULTRA GLAZE ACRYLIC doors and panels have been inspired by top design houses and offer a new dimension in creating breathtaking beauty.

Available in matt or gloss.

POLYURETHANE STANDARD doors and panels offer superior durability. Designed to withstand knocks. Available in endless colour options.

Available in matt or gloss.

POLYURETHANE SHAKER offer the benefits of standard doors with a stylish indent on the front panel. Choose from a wide range of door profiles.

Available in matt only.

A quality HANDLE adds a level of detail and sophistication to the look of your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

From farmhouse to provincial or industrial to transitional.


The two essential ingredients for kitchen environments, quality appearance and practicality, are inherent in our Melamine doors & panels.


These products provide a durable, hygienic and low maintenance solution for vertical surface elements.


A seductive variety of timeless neutral colours and decorative finishes are offered in the Melamine doors & panels range. Choices include: Texture, Matt, Ashgrain, Finegrain and Sheen. Mix match and doors, panels and benchtops for contrast.


Melamine doors and panels are made from resin impregnated decorative paper bonded onto Particle board or MDF substrate. Melamine is know for it’s properties like scratch resistance, durabilty and moisture resistance. The doors and panels can only have a flat surface face unlike Polyurethane doors, which can be routed on the face.


Inspired by top design houses, Ultraglaze doors & panels offer interior designers and architects a new dimension in creating kitchens and rooms of breathtaking beauty.


With the introduction of Ultramatt finish, you can reap the benefits of the original product while maintaining style and modernity. Ultramatt allows depth and class with a pleasant aesthetic appeal, and can be used on its own or in conjunction with gloss, which captures the light and surrounding reflections.


Incorporating gloss and matt finishes into your décor is the perfect way to add visual interest to a pared-back neutral palette. Couple Ultraglaze gloss alongside Ultraglaze Matt to create the perfect balance of contrast. Alternatively match with wood grain features to add warmth and soften a sleek colour scheme.


Using the highest grade materials, and ultra-modern technology, polyurethane products are exceptional in design and durability. There is a lot to love about polyurethane doors, which will add character and style to any home. Some of the main features include:


Durability – One of the the key features of polyurethane is in the quality and durability of the materials used. Polyurethane finishes have been designed to stand the test of time. They have extraordinary resistance to scratches and chips in comparison to traditional doors and they resist the usual knocks and bumps of a busy household. They are also almost completely UV resistant.


Endless Colour Palette – These doors come in a wide range of colour and surface finishes, including timberprints for a classic modern look. Having trouble choosing a standard colour? One of the most popular features of our polyurethane doors is that you can choose from almost any colour in the Dulux paint range. Match your doors with your home’s décor and individual style.


Low maintenance – A polyurethane kitchen is impenetrable by many substances, so cleaning is a breeze. Fingerprints? Smudges? Stains? Their non-porous surface means all you need to do is wipe down with a moist cloth to retain their beauty and provide years of trouble free service. Simple!


Door profiling – From sleek, contemporary minimalistic designs to the more traditional look of country style doors, we offer a wide range of door profiles. Whether you prefer shaker style kitchens for a country effect or shark nose doors for more contemporary appeal you can explore the options below. 


Versatility  – Polyurethane doors & panels are suitable for any internal joinery application including kitchen cupboards, vanities, wardrobes, custom built furniture, storage units and laundry cupboards.