DIY Vignette Ideas

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Grace has a knack for embracing diverse styles and with her wealth of knowledge and experience, she can take inspiration from almost anything. Here she shares her secret tips on creating the perfect vignette.

Firstly, What is a Vignette?​

In terms of decorating, A vignette is a small grouping of objects that adds visual appeal to a space.  It can tell a story, add to the theme of a room and help to reflect the owner’s personality.  You’ll notice a clever use of vignettes in home staging, movie sets and boutique hotels. They are an artistic way of communicating the signature of a home owner and their lifestyle.  In your home, your personal items can inspire you to decorate in new ways.  These helpful tips will have you styling like a professional in no time..

Choose objects to suit the style of your room

First consider the style of your home. Is it contemporary, classic, eclectic, rustic, coastal? Once you’ve determined your style, choose whatever items take your fancy.  Some ideas to get you started:


Contemporary  Bowls, candles, long stemmed dried flowers.

Classic   Books, trays, vases, plants, candlestick holders

Eclectic   Steel watering cans, flowers, mismatched picture frames

Rustic   Crates, weathered pots, dried grasses, lanterns

Coastal   Shells, coloured glass bottles, rope, driftwood


The beauty of vignettes is you can change them around to reflect your mood and create a different theme whenever you like.  It’s all about playful creativity whilst adding a good dose of personality to your space.

Display objects in odd numbers

This is the general rule of thumb but depending on the shapes and textures you use, an even number of items can also work.

Even numbers and symmetry is ideal in formal spaces such as period homes while asymmetrical clusters suit a more casual and modern style. A grouping of three is particularly pleasing to the eye.  

Create a triangle (the designer’s secret)


Add interest by playing with the different heights within the triangle.


This makes the eye wander around the different objects. It’s visually appealing as the eye can roam easily from object to object and still appreciate the overall display.

Layer vertically

An alternative to the triangle layout, this layered option is effective for displaying flat items such as picture frames and books against large mirrors or artwork.


When used as a backdrop, a mirror reflects the items within the grouping, creating depth and accentuating colour.

Pick your colour scheme

As most kitchens, bathrooms and laundries contain neutral palettes, adding a vignette or two is a great way to introduce a pop of colour. 


If your space already has a colour scheme (like this blue, white and timber kitchen), your vignettes can pick up on existing colours within the room.


If you can’t decide on a colour scheme, books with colourful spines and flowers will infuse colour into a space.

Choose different textures

Vary textures of objects to liven up your vignettes and create shadow and depth.  A smooth surfaced vase next to a woven basket for instance. 

Combining textures creates harmony and visual appeal to the grouping.

Mix different textures for contrast or group the same textures for visual impact.

Texture translates into interest. Natural textures such as house plants will soften the harder lines of picture frames and books. 

Build your vignette around a light source

Once you’ve developed your work of art, showcase your wonderful creation with light. 


You can also incorporate a table lamp as part of a vignette.  Table lamps are aesthetically pleasing in the daytime and will cast a spotlight on your treasured items at night.

Get creative with what you have

 You may be surprised by items you already have around your home that you can use. Have a look in each room and see what you can find.  Instead of hiding away your beloved and beautiful items, put them on display. Think coffee table books, wicker baskets, candles, coasters, placemats… if it looks nice, use it!

Vignette Ideas for Each Room

Kitchen   Tea towel, chopping board, fruit bowl, recipe books, plants such as succulants, milk jug, pitcher, wooden spoons, pretty teacups and teapot.

Bathroom  Soap, seashells, pebbles, hand towel, beautifully bottled lotions & perfumes.

Home Office   Now that many of us are working from home, why not create a homely office for yourself? Framed photos, plants, travel mementos.

Bedroom   Books, candles, crystals, feathers, flowers, birds nest.

Living room   Framed photos, books, table lamps, oil diffusers, glass coloured bottles, magazines, ginger jars, trays, candlestick holders, cloche jars.



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