7 Benefits of a

Granite Kitchen.


Transform the Heart

of your Home

Your kitchen is the heart the home. It’s the centre of the family’s beginning and ending to the day. It’s where nutritious and delicious meals are prepared and family interactions happen.  What was once thought of as a purely functional space, has become a social hub for the family to bond and to entertain friends.  Traditionally, kitchen finish choices were based on function and practicality.   Nowadays, kitchen design and style are also crucial elements to consider and many are turning to granite as a stylish solution to their kitchen needs.

1. Always On Trend

These days, modern kitchen design trends favour a minimalist aesthetic.  Across most styles – Coastal, Contemporary, Hamptons or Scandinavian – natural palettes and muted tones reign supreme, and encourage you to explore your creativity with styling and accent pieces.  

2. Interior

Designers' Choice

Due to their coastal location, many homes in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney Bayside area are opting for a Coastal or Hamptons kitchen design.  The recent influx of renovating TV shows, celebrity interior designers and social media influencers has seen more people gain confidence in their interior design preferences.  Granite surfaces are a must, and many are now requesting stand out features such 2 tone kitchens, open shelving or timber elements for added warmth and texture.

3. Adaptable

& Stylish

Design wise, stone is an ideal choice for worktop surfaces as it’s available in neutral shades ranging from white and warmer tones to grey and black.  This is a perfect backdrop on which to base your kitchen colour scheme.  What’s more, granite is quickly and easily laid down as a benchtop, or on the splashback wall.  As a resurfacing option, our stone provides the added benefit of saving on the cost of demolition.  Benchtops and Spalshbacks can be installed with minimal mess, time and waste.   

4. Built

to Last

Granite has fast become the material of choice in kitchens and laundries, especially for benchtops.  Besides aesthetics, the durability of granite means it’s also strong enough to handle the toughness of day-to-day treatment.

While diamond is obviously the hardest material with a Mohs scale ranking of “10/10”, granite’s score is “6/10”.  

Our exclusive stone measures at a hardness of “8/10” or higher!  While that’s an impressive score for toughness, our stone is also Heat, Sratch and Stain resistant; properties you won’t find in other stone choices.  

5. Versatile

Coming from nature, granite kitchen benchtops come in a variety of natural shades and tones.  This makes it easier to choose a benchtop to fit your décor of vice versa.  Along with its visual versatility, the value of granite does not depreciate. Its outstanding durability also means that you cannot tell the age of a granite kitchen benchtop—an excellent investment for any home.

6. Adds Value

to your Home

Real Estate Agents and Home owners know the importance of investing in a quality kitchen. Upgrading your kitchen with a high-quality feature, like granite benchtops is a top priority for any serious renovator.  Not only will you enjoy all the benefits, durability and versatility of using a granite kitchen yourself, you’ll be able to recoup your investment, and then some, when the time comes to sell.  

The Best Part

How can our surfaces transform the heart of your home?  They are installed directly over your existing benchtop and splashback.  Imagine being able to achieve a brand-new look in your kitchen or laundry in a fraction of the time, waste and effort of a traditional renovation.

Find out

for Yourself

An ever-increasing interest in this material within the design world means the price is becoming more and more suited to the average family’s budget.  Try our Kitchen Cost Calculator or Book a Free Quote.  Find out how you can achieve the kitchen or laundry of your dreams that will survive the test of time.

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