Kitchen Benchtop Resurfacing

Breathing New Life into Solid Granite

It’s undeniable, a sleek new granite benchtop can be the central focus of a kitchen.  For some however, their solid granite surfaces have turned into a nightmare with an unforeseen need for upkeep and faster-than-expected wear and tear.  But don’t worry, there is a simple solution that doesn’t mean you have to start again from scratch, and will have you loving your kitchen again.  Keep reading to learn the common problems associated with natural slab granite and how the benefits of our stone ‘over-the-top’ surfaces can be the perfect solution.

The Problem With Solid Granite Benchtops

Benchtop Resurfacing Easier Than Granite Benchtop

Regular Sealing Requirements

Solid granite sealants protect the surface from liquids and water that would otherwise be absorbed into the slab and leave permanent marks.  A regular sealant should be applied every year to maintain a pristine finish.  Neglecting this important step will lead to early deterioration which is a real waste after going to the expense of choosing solid stone.  Most people expect granite to be hardwearing and resistant to everyday use, we’ve found many customers are annoyed to learn that ongoing upkeep is necessary for a product that is presumably high-quality and durable.

Granite Stains

Many are surprised to learn that slab granite is not as durable and hard-wearing as they think.  Again, being porous, solid granite is quite susceptible to staining.  Common ingredients found in the kitchen like coffee, red wine and oil can leave permanent stains on your benchtop.  To keep slab granite surfaces well maintained it’s imperative to frequently apply sealants and clean it regularly.

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limescale on granite benchtop


Being a porous stone, solid granite will absorb water.  The calcium and magnesium found in water can leave an unsightly chalky film within the slab known as limescale.  It’s not easy to remove limescale because corrosive cleaners will damage the granite and natural cleaners won’t guarantee complete removal.

Granite Fades

Slab granite’s unique patterns and colours are a major attraction for many.  Unfortunately, when it’s exposed to UV radiation from the sun overtime, it can begin to fade and look dull. This unwanted reaction is also encountered with solid quartz stone.  Sometimes, solid granite is also treated with dyes to accentuate its colours.  These dyes are also likely to fade quickly when exposed to UV light.

granite benchtops fade over time
low quality granite cracks

Subpar quality

Slab granite comes in a range of grades. The low- to mid-range granite is more than likely to encounter the above-mentioned problems.  Be careful if the slab is thicker than usual which normally means two slabs have been joined together.  Inspect the surface of slab granite to ensure high-quality and consistent polishing and also to detect any cracks, dents or fissures which could potentially turn into bigger problems down the track.

A High-Quality, Fuss Free Benchtop Solution

If you have a solid granite surface and are dealing with any of the issues described above, we can easily solve these problems without the need for another large-scale renovation. Our unique stone worktops are the best solution to upgrade your weary granite surfaces without compromising on quality.  Granite Transformations ‘top that fits on top’ means our stone fits perfectly over the top of your current benchtop so there’s no need for demolition or rubbish removal.  Due to the downfalls people encounter with solid granite, we cover hundreds of slab granite benchtops every year. 

What are the Benefits of our Stone?

Never Needs Sealing

Our stone has undergone diamond polishing during manufacture which seals the surface permanently and eliminates the need for ongoing surface sealants.  That’s right, you never have to seal this product, ever!  No need to worry about stains and limescale, a common problem for solid granite.  Furthermore, being non porous you’re safe knowing it is a hygienic surface that won’t absorb any microbes such as bacteria found in meats nor be faced with mould or mildew problems caused by water absorption.

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quality stone benchtop resurfacing sydney

High Quality

As the pioneers of resurfacing solutions, we’ve perfected the quality of our stone over the last 20+ years.  Even though it is only 6.5mm thick, our stone is still tougher than solid stone and more flexible than wood.  When compared with other stones on the market, our unique stone has an exceptionally high composition of granite and quartz so you can rest assured you won’t be faced with any other surprise pitfalls after installation.  We are so confident in our product, it’s backed by our manufacturer’s 12 year warranty.

Total Convenience

Our ‘top-that-fits-on-top’ is unique to our company. Your chosen stone is permanently bonded to your existing benchtop or splashback – including tiles!  So you save on the time, cost and effort of ripping out and disposing of your existing materials.  Our fully trained in-house installers are experts in the field and the installation process is fast and fuss-free; we can generally install stone surfaces within 1 day.  This means your kitchen won’t be out of action for a prolonged period of time.  Couldn’t we all do with less mess, less stress and less hassle?  If you need some inspiration in choosing a benchtop stone colour, you can read our blog about it here.

fast kitchen renovation with benchtop resurfacing
environmentally friendly kitchen benchtop solution


We’re dedicated to sustainability and our unique manufacturing and installation methods save almost 10,000 tonnes of landfill each year. Builder’s waste is a growing issue and we’re proud to offer the consumer an eco-safe option that contributes to a positive global change.

Bespoke designs

Our benchtop stone colours from the standard or marble range will suit any style. We also offer a huge range of door styles and finishes.  Whether you prefer modern, classic or contemporary, our design consultants are certified kitchen designers so they are more than happy to guide you along the way.  Check out this year’s kitchen design ideas with mood boards to help get the creative juices flowing.  If you’d like to order any samples, send us a message and we’ll have them posted to you.

bespoke kitchen design
kitchen benchtop resurfacing Sutherland Shire


Our unique stone is heat, scratch, stain and impact resistant so you know you won’t be faced with the same problems you might be experiencing with solid granite or other surfaces.  Our exclusive stone has undergone stringent testing methods including; colour fastness, water absorption, slab tolerance, steam resistance, thermal shock, plus much more, which has resulted in an impressive 12 year manufacturer’s warranty.

At Granite Transformations, we pride ourselves on creating spaces where you enjoy spending time.  We create kitchens, bathrooms and laundries that are not only beautiful to look at but also remain that way for years to come.  To learn more about how our high-quality and fuss-free ‘top-that-fits-on-top’ can work in your space, book yourself a free video call consulation or online quote.

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