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1. Eco-Conscious Interior Design

Sustainability is key for meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Home design plays a large role in this and demands we now make responsible choices. Currently, home design is contributing to Australia producing a staggering 20 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste each year!

Investing in restored furniture is a simple and effective way to reduce our footprint. You can also achieve a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation without demolition. Resurfacing existing benchtops and replacing the doors and panels whilst keeping the internal cabinets will achieve a fresh new space without the guilt of sending more waste to landfill.

2. Add Pops of Colour to the All-White Kitchen

The easiest way to add colour to an all-white kitchen is with colourful accessories such as bar stools, fruit bowls, jugs etc. These are all easily replaced when it’s time for a change.  

You can also inject colour through your paint choice. You can opt for a bold wall paint colour or a contrasting colour on the kitchen island panels.  

It’s wise not to go too bold however as this will date faster. Current colour trends include nude pinks, blues and greens imbued with grey tones. You can order your own feature panel colour samples directly from Polytec or pick some up from our showroom.

If classic is more your style, marble look stone tops look stunning when paired with all-white cabinetry. The beauty of the natural vein adds interest and visual appeal without seeming too bold.

3. Flexible Spaces

These days, it’s not so much about having fixed rooms designated to specific tasks, current home design trends mean many are now opting for multipurpose spaces designed to suit the changing needs of all household members.

This fresh take applies to the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and is especially useful in making the most out of smaller spaces.

Adding a home office extension to the kitchen for example is a great way to maximise on space and provides an allocated area for your devices which are so often used in the kitchen today. Who wants cooking splatters all over their mobile?

A kitchen island on wheels is handy when you want to shift spaces.

Fold out dining tables are popular in smaller homes as they can be put away when more living room space is needed.

4. Mixing Bathroom Textures

Stone and wood are favoured natural material choices that will continue to be seen well into the new year.

We say the more texture the better! Bathrooms already include metal tapware and glass showers screens so adding large stone floor and wall tiles will create a modern, luxe vibe. Combine this with warmer textures such as timber vanities and matt concrete basins, and you’ll be sure to create a visually tactile sanctuary; a place to retreat and unwind in true comfort.

5. Wallpaper is Back

You may have noticed indoor plant stores popping up everywhere in the Sutherland Shire lately. We can thank the last 2 years for this great trend of bringing the outdoors in.

Plants not only purify the air of indoor spaces but provide a much needed lift by adding vibrancy and life to the home. If you don’t have a green thumb, what better way to celebrate the beauty of nature than with botanical print wallpaper. Think pretty florals for a vintage feel and big palms for a refreshing holiday vibe. If busy wallpaper is not your ideal home design style, then consider a wallpapered feature wall instead. As long as the colour of the adjacent walls complement the hues found in your print, you’ll be sure to make a statement.

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