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Wow, time really flew! It feels like just weeks ago we were welcoming 2023, and now it’s already done and dusted. But hey, the good news is that we’ve got some exciting stuff lined up for 2024.

If you’re curious about the best time to renovate and the reasons why, stay tuned – we’ve got you covered!

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Prime Time to Renovate

If you’re considering launching your renovation or building project in the Sutherland Shire, St. George area or Sydney’s Inner West this year, now’s the perfect time to get the ball rolling.  The word on the street is to dive in sooner rather than later.  Now’s the time to take advantage of stable building costs before the predicted surge in demand later in the year, due to expected interest rate cuts.

Sydney builders have been acutely aware there is a shortage of skilled tradies so if you’re thinking of spearheading your home renovation independently, act now before this demand increases. The good news for our clients is that with decades of experience in the industry, we’ve curated a team of highly skilled and dependable tradespeople. This ensures that every project we undertake is entrusted to capable hands, guaranteeing top-notch results.

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Rising Home Values

Despite the recent slowing of house price growth, the steady increase over the past four years has seen a new trend emerge – people are keener to renovate than relocate. The reasoning lies in the fact that the cost of renovating is relatively low when compared to the increasing value of their homes, making it a very reasonable choice.

So, if you're thinking about a home renovation or build, 2024 might just be your year!

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Renovating Supply, Demand & Costs

In light of the current dynamics in the home improvement sector, where the costs of home building materials and shipping have remained relatively stable, there has been an ongoing high demand for tradespeople.  For those brave souls thinking about going solo on their home renovation journey, it’s essential to note that this imbalance in supply and demand for skilled trades can potentially translate into a more costly renovation.

If you choose to project manage your own renovation, keep in mind that the limited availability of tradespeople could impact the timeline and lead to increased total costs due to higher labour expenses. This is a crucial aspect to consider in the ever-evolving landscape of home improvement.

When it comes to renovating, it’s smart to let our trusted renovation team take the reins.  We’ve got a solid team of skilled pros with a track record you can count on.  Navigating the twists and turns of the market is our specialty.  Opting for our services means your renovation journey becomes a breeze.  Imagine a hassle-free process, peace of mind, and a dedicated team ensuring your project stays on track, on budget, and delivers great results. It’s not just a renovation; it’s a stress-free, quality experience with us at the helm.

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A Pro Tip for Savvy Renovators

Consider energy efficiency in your plans. The Green Building Council of Australia suggests that going all-electric, using high-efficiency water fixtures, and installing solar panels can lead to substantial savings. Read more in this article titled 2024 kitchen design trends.

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Create your Vision

It’s important to plan your home renovation properly – with a mood board. It’s like a sneak peek of your dream home before diving into plans and renders. Remember, the way your home feels is just as crucial as how it looks. Have a look at our Free DIY mood board guide for inspiration.  You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter below and receive our FREE 18-page Mood Board Creation Guide.

So, there you have it!

If you’re thinking about turning your home renovation dreams into reality, now’s the time to get the wheels in motion.

It’s always best to speak to a kitchen design expert to ensure you receive the right advice before starting a new kitchen or kitchen renovation.  With over 25 years in business, our qualified kitchen designers have helped thousands of Sydney locals achieve the kitchen of their dreams.  If you’re ready for a kitchen upgrade, we’ve made it easy to Book a FREE Quote.  Our local kitchen designers are happy to come to you – with no obligation!  One of our team will measure your space and provide design ideas to match your home. 

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Our designer will come to your home for a free measure and quote with no obligation to commit. During the consultation, we’ll chat about your renovation goals and offer innovative kitchen design solutions and recommendations.


We prioritise a stress-free experience and avoid pushy sales tactics, preferring to provide helpful recommendations to assist with your decision-making.

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Curious about your new kitchen cost? Our user-friendly online kitchen cost calculator makes it simple. Enter your basic measurements to receive an instant price estimate straight to your inbox in just minutes.


Our online calculator is free and easy to use, making it a great starting point for anyone considering a kitchen renovation.

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