2022 - 2023 - Interior Design Trends

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The world of Interior Design shapes how we decorate our homes. When renovating, it's always a good idea to look ahead at up and coming trends to ensure your home doesn't start to age too quickly. We've compiled the hottest trends that are fast becoming interior design staples in Sydney. It's time to get inspired by the Designer's Top Picks this Year:

1. Curves and Soft Angles
2. Travel-inspired Interiors
3. Shades of Green
4. Statement Lighting
5. Durable and Low Maintenance Surfaces

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5 Top Design Ideas

Curves and Soft Angles

We subconsciously read curves as safe, comforting and inviting, and as most of us are feeling a bit precious these days, it makes sense to introduce some softer shapes into the home.  Softening sharp edges and lines creates a desirable, calming feeling and we’re seeing this popular interior design trend appear in both furniture and architecture this year.

Travel-inspired Interiors

As we slowly begin to start travelling again, interior design will take on a roaming, nomadic flair.  For those still unable to travel, by gathering inspiration from around the world, you can satisfy that wanderlust without ever leaving home. Adding sentimental touches to the home will always bring a sense of warmth, fond memories and interesting talking points.

Shades of Green

Although this year’s Pantone colour of the year 2022 is Very Peri, a light shade of purple, almost all global paint companies have named a shade of sage green as their colour of the year for 2022. This colour has been well-received for a few years now; it feels safe, comforting and is the shade of growth and new beginnings. It perfectly complements the current biophilic trend in interiors. Not only is it easy to implement this organic hue in the home but psychologically, it has a mystical quality that encourages imagination and escapism. It really is the perfect tone for today’s challenges.

Statement Lighting

Lighting is no longer thought of as a practical necessity, it can create or kill the ambience of a room – remember the horrors of fluorescent lighting?! Lighting really matters. Displaying beautiful statement lighting pieces in the kitchen and dining will add flair and texture to the environment, and who doesn’t love pendant lamps in the bedroom to set the mood?

Durable and Low Maintenance Surfaces

If you’d prefer to spend less time cleaning, keep an eye out for less porous materials that are unlikely to hold bacteria, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Reduced grout lines can be achieved using our unique stone splashbacks which are always preferable to tiling. Our stone surfaces can even go straight over the top of existing tiles. Talk about convenient!

Also consider furniture fabrics that are stain-resistant. Leather and easily washable fabrics will always stand the test of time over delicate, high maintenance couch fabrics.  

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